Pure Power Generation (PPG)

In many instances there is not a home for the heat that CHP combined heat and power units produce. Rather than wasting this energy Biomass Power has developed a range of complete turn key solutions to maximise on the heat recovery in the turbine generator.

Biomass power does this by transferring the latent energy in the steam into power by extracting the un-condensed steam from the turbine under a vacuum. This is call called a vacuum condensing turbine.

This method can be adopted across the range from 1 MWe to 20 MWe.

However situations change and society can progress with more effective and greener options being available as we all improve our ethics and green credentials.

So if the situation changes in the locality of the P.P.G power plant Biomass Power on request by the developer in tendering stages will offer the facility to extract heat at the required temperature to suit future requirements.

Biomass Power is a provider of environmentally friendly power plant and equipment solutions, using a wide variety of waste derived fuels. Technologically innovative designs ensure compliance with all emissions legislation at low CAPEX and OPEX costs. Located in Stafford, the team is rapidly expanding its workforce based on secured orders.

Power with Responsibility