Biomass Power have handled almost every type of solid fuel from straight forward chipped trees, energy crops and agricultural residues, to the segregated biomass fraction of municipal, industrial and commercial waste streams.

The main factors which affect the efficiency of the plant are fuel type and plant size.

When designing the plant, the fuel will affect the quality of the steam, the higher the quality of steam the more power it will produce. Efficiency gains can also be achieved through turbine selection, the more stages a turbine has, the more efficient it is. Hence larger plants can deliver greater efficiency.

Biomass Power can produce guaranteed electrical efficiency ‘fuel to buzz bar’ using well proven robust steam boiler technology.

Biomass Power can guide you to the best fit for your future plans and finances when given an idea of the fuel or fuels you would like to use, the output required and / or the space available.

Biomass Power systems can be engineered to produce Pure Power Generation (PPG), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP).

Biomass Power is a provider of environmentally friendly power plant and equipment solutions, using a wide variety of waste derived fuels. Technologically innovative designs ensure compliance with all emissions legislation at low CAPEX and OPEX costs. Located in Stafford, the team is rapidly expanding its workforce based on secured orders.

Power with Responsibility