Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power is a very efficient way of utilising the energy released from steam. Via the turbine for power and by extracting heat from the uncondensed, condensed or indirectly heated water of the steam cycle.

Rather than producing as much power as possible, the approach is combined to ensure that power is produced at the correct voltage, and heat at the temperature required to be used by the developer at their discretion.

This method can be adopted across the range of 1 MWe to 20 MWe modules. Electrical output will reduce in accordance with the heat required, the lower the grade of heat needed the more power you will produce.

As situations change, society can progress with more effective and greener options being available as we all improve our ethics and green credentials.

Biomass Power’s specifically market developed power plants have the facility to produce as much power as possible from the steam cycle. However, if you require heat to be extracted proportionally according to load, Biomass Power can integrate this function on installation to be used as required.

Biomass Power is a provider of environmentally friendly power plant and equipment solutions, using a wide variety of waste derived fuels. Technologically innovative designs ensure compliance with all emissions legislation at low CAPEX and OPEX costs. Located in Stafford, the team is rapidly expanding its workforce based on secured orders.

Power with Responsibility