CHP versus PPG

When producing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) from a biomass fired steam cycle, the turbine which generates the power pushes the steam from it at a positive pressure to ensure there is enough latent energy left in the steam to produce usable heat.

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Combined Heat & Power

Combined Heat and Power is a very efficient way of utilising the energy released from steam. Via the turbine for power and by extracting heat from the uncondensed, condensed or indirectly heated water of the steam cycle.

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Pure Power Generation

In many instances there is not a home for the heat that CHP combined heat and power units produce. Rather than wasting this energy Biomass Power has developed a range of complete turn key solutions to maximise on the heat recovery in the turbine generator.

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Graham Parry visits Full Circle Generation

Biomass Power’s Managing Director, Graham Parry, visited Full Circle Generation’s new 15MWe Energy from Waste plant in Belfast this week to check on the installation of the advanced conversion technology Gasifier, Combustion and Boilers. All Biomass Power major...

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Biomass Power is proud to support the House of Bread charity

Biomass Power is proud to support the House of Bread charity, which was first established in September 2010 and is an outreach project run by the churches of Stafford. It provides a safe environment for those in need to come together and share a meal, make new friends...

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Full Circle Generation’s Gasifier complete

Biomass Power has completed the delivery, to site, of the third and final advanced conversion technology Gasifier to Full Circle Generation’s new 15MWe Energy from Waste plant in Belfast. This plant utilises Biomass Rich Fibre, diverted from landfill, to power and...

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Biomass Power is a provider of environmentally friendly power plant and equipment solutions, using a wide variety of waste derived fuels. Technologically innovative designs ensure compliance with all emissions legislation at low CAPEX and OPEX costs. Located in Stafford, the team is rapidly expanding its workforce based on secured orders.

As a business that’s growing fast, Biomass Power Ltd know that its management system and processes are key to its success and have taken another step forward by achieving ISO 9001:2015.

Power with Responsibility